About Artisanal

Artisanal is located at 414 Linden Avenue, in the Linden Square neighborhood of Wilmette, Illinois. Artisanal is a local family-owned neighborhood grocery offering a wide array of locally-sourced, organic, and specialty foods in an intimate, inviting, friendly environment.

The first order of business in introducing you to Artisanal is learning its pronunciation and definition.  For those of you who are more phonetically inclined, the pronunciation is ar-tee’-za-nl  or  ar-tih’-za-nl.

Here’s how to say it (click below):

Aside from liking the sound of “Artisanal,” we also chose it because it describes the focus of our grocery store. Artisanal is the adjective of the noun artisan: one who makes products in limited quantities, generally by traditional handcrafted methods. An interesting description of the modern use of artisan and artisanal can be found here.

Our vision of a neighborhood grocery store offering various foods produced by artisans was the initial inspiration for Artisanal. As we began searching for – and along the way tasting all – foods that we thought would embody the focus of Artisanal, we soon realized that the local food movement in and around the Chicagoland area had reached a point that we could focus primarily on foods produced by local artisans, dependent, of course, on seasonality and availability. This led to more searching – and more tasting – of other artisanal foods.

We are proud to offer the products of many unique food artisans who are so devoted to their craft.  Each of them has a  unique personal history, but they share a common passion for and  personal connection to  their products and the people who will consume them. You will find more information about them as you browse through our website.

Artisanal’s produce, meats, cheeses, and dairy are primarily supplied by local farmers who practice sustainability and responsible farming to the fullest extent possible. These practices are also followed by the select  food purveyors from whom we source our varied inventory, including our charcuterie, deli, and grocery items.

Our in-house butchers practice whole-animal butchery under the guidelines of the Butcher’s Guild, and source Artisanal’s meats from local sustainable and responsible farms.

Our butchers offer customers a wide assortment of various meats and unique cuts not found in many other shops. They also supply our kitchen with the meats used in our sandwiches, soups and salads.

Artisanal also houses The Happy Room, which is stocked exclusively with domestic alcoholic beverages, and where you can find  local microbrewed beers, wines, including biodynamic and organic, and spirits from  small-batch distilleries as close as a few miles away.  We’ll be hosting tastings in The Happy Room featuring our vintners, brewers, and distillers.

Your neighborhood grocery store

As a local family-owned business, we’re committed to the support of local businesses. We believe that the support of local businesses connects and strengthens our community. We’re also committed to the support of  local organic, responsible, and sustainable farming practices because they are environmentally thoughtful , use resources in a safer and more efficient manner, and the food is healthier, more nutritious, and simply taste better.

Aside from the sustenance that food provides us, we believe that its production, purchase and consumption should take into account its taste, health and nutritional benefits, its focus on seasonality and locality, its impact on the environment, and ultimately the FUN and sense of community it provides us, an opportunity to share a communal ritual and memorable experiences.

Our focus is on quality, not quantity.  We have personally sampled every item that Artisanal carries and have selected only those that are the very best in their respective category. Artisanal carries only those foods that we would serve in our home to family and friends. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!